Urszula Dudziak

"Every single creator deserves fair remuneration for his work"

Krzysztof Lewandowski

"The sole guardian of authors’ remuneration is copyright law"

Jean-Michel Jarre

"Ensuring that the value [of our works] is shared in a fair way is the least [the big tech platforms] could do".

Nicola Piovani

Nicola Piovani talks about how to guarantee authors' freedom as well as the richness and diversity of creative content.

Piotr Rubik

Piotr Rubik talks to MEP Bogdan Wenta about the transfer of value issue

MEP Mairead McGuinness and Eleanor McEvoy

MEP Mairead McGuinness catches up with Irish artist Eleanor McEvoy in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to talk about EU copyright legislation and its impact on the entire music industry.

Matthew Irons

Author, composer, singer and guitarist of the Belgian band Puggy


"Our individual voices aren’t enough to negotiate with tech giants. Authors’ societies must be given the tools to negotiate on an equal-to-equal basis. This petition will help make sure the EU hears this."


Composer and record producer Seba raises one issue which he thinks needs to be addressed most urgently at a European level

Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor McEvoy asks platforms to create a level playing field so that creators can be paid fairly.

Jean-Michel Jarre and MEP Pervenche Berès

Jean-Michel Jarre discusses the transfer of value issue with MEP Pervenche Berés in the European Parliament on 06/03/2018

Polish composer and lyricist Margaret talks about Internet, fans, and fair remuneration online
Ante Pecotić

Award-winning composer, songwriter and music producer from Croatia


“Creating is not only my love but also my job. My song does not fit in anybody's hand but may fit in one's heart. Allow authors to live from their work and use of their works on the Internet and abolish the injustice referred to as the transfer of value. Thank you!"

Miguel Ríos

Spanish singer and composer Miguel Ríos talks about creators working together to face the giants of the digital environment

Jana Kirschner

We asked Slovakian singer songwriter Jana Kirschner what should be addressed in the Copright Reform


Polish composer and lyriscist Sarsa from ZAiKS. Asked about what needs to be addressed most urgently at a European level, here are some answers from European authors.

Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock

German composer Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock talks about platform liabilities. Asked about what needs to be addressed most urgently at a European level, here are some answers from European authors.

Alexander Zuckowski

Composer / Komponist


"Copyright is of course incredibly important to us creators and authors, because only with a good copyright can be ensured that we are also fairly remunerated for our work and our intellectual property."


"Das Urheberrecht ist natürlich unheimlich wichtig für uns Kreative und Autoren, denn nur mit einem guten Urheberrecht kann gewährleistet sein, dass wir für unsere Arbeit und unser geistiges Eigentum auch entsprechend vergütet werden."

Mikolaj Bugajak

Polish composer and record producer Mikolaj Bugajak talks about the decline of the value of music due to the digital revolution